The site “vedettesdupontneuf.com” present the company:

Société Anonyme au Capital de 250 000 €
Ponton du Pont Neuf – Square du Vert Galant – 75001 PARIS
R.C.S.: PARIS B 775 740 350 (73 B 00076)
Phone: +33 1 46 33 98 38
Fax: +33 1 45 29 89 19


The online purchase, the cruises and other services associated to VPN are subject to the terms and conditions of the site “vedettesdupontneuf.com” as well as terms and conditions mentioned in all VPN documents including prospectus, advertising, and / or other customer document, including all terms of purchase, which are not binding on VPN. Any command-line delivery implies full acceptance by the customer without reservation to these terms of sale. This command is through the online payment system CIC, partner of VPN company.


Wishing to respect the privacy and protection of information provided by the customer, VPN respects the legislation applicable in terms of privacy. The “vedettesdupontneuf.com” website has been declared to CNIL under registration number 1729186. It is recalled that, in accordance with the “Informatique et Libertés” law, the Customer has a right to access, rectify and delete data concerning him. For this, simply contact VPN at the contact details in Article 1 of these general conditions of sale.


4.1 The Client chooses the provision on the website VPN between the two formulas proposed : Morning cruise and Afternoon and evening cruise.

4.2 The ticket is available in three ways: for download on the Internet site VPN (PDF format ) as an attachment to an email confirmation ( PDF ) and in the body of the same email. Each ticket includes a custom QR code that the Customer submits to the Internet tickets desk at VPN during its passage, or digital version ( smartphone or tablet ) or in print.

4.3 There are no customer account on the VPN site. Entering an email address is required so that VPN can send to the Customer a confirmation of the booking. VPN reserves the right to use the client email to inform him of the news of the company or to inform him of the deals offered here.

4.4 The payment of the order is supported by the CIC payment system. Customer must imperatively check the box in which he acknowledges the conditions of sale online and that he accepts to rely on all the purchase conditions. VPN website sending to CIC secure payment allows the Customer to make payment in accordance with Article 5 of these conditions.

4.5 Once the payment is done on the secure website of CIC, a summary screen of the order placed by the customer appears. Then he has access to the PDF version of the ticket purchased to download and / or print. Thereafter, VPN sends an email with the order confirmation to the client, which includes the same ticket in PDF format, as well as in the body of the message.

4.6 The VPN system checks the sending of the order confirmation but not its receipt by the Client. Accordingly, if the Customer does not receive this confirmation, it is the client’s responsibility to contact VPN at the contact details set out in Article 1 of these conditions so that a confirmation email is sent again. VPN will in no case be liable if the Customer does not receive the confirmation email after an error on his part regarding his contact details.


5.1 Prices charged by VPN are quoted in Euros and inclusive of all taxes and are determined on the basis of pricing conditions in force at the date of order, which are available on request by the Client. They are subject to VAT rates legally in effect and may be revised without prior notice especially when new taxes or charges are created and / or any change in existing taxes or charges automatically impling a price adjustment.

5.2 It is the Customer’s responsibility to check before the final confirmation of the order that the price is right. Subsequent dispute about the price will not be taken into consideration.

5.3 Accepted for online payment cards are the Blue Card, Master Card and Visa. Online payment is made via a secure system that uses the SSL (secure socket Leyer ) protocol, so that the transmitted information is encrypted by software and no third party can take knowledge of this transit on the network. The order, validated by the Customer, shall be effective only when the payment centers have given their approval.


6.1 Cancellation and refund

  • More than 48 hours from departure day or day of performance : refund 80% from the total amount.
  • Between 24 and 48 hours from departure day or day of performance : refund 60% from the total amount.
  • Less than 24 hours from departure day or day of performance : no refund.

D-day of departure or performance, and in case of non attendance of customer before the departure or before the performance : No refund or report

Warning : no refund or changing date for booking for Special dates : New’s year Eve, Valentine’s day, 14th July ...

  • Any cancellation or change requested by the User will lead to a refund, within the manageable time, of the sum paid by the user including deductions mentioned below.
  • Any partial or total interruption of performances because of customer responsibility, will not lead to refund or compensation.

6.2 In case of non- availability of seats on the boat chosen or in case of cancellation of a cruise because of VPN for any reason whatsoever and in particular in the cases referred to in Article 8 hereof, the Customer may be admitted on a ship for next available seats but never entitled to reimbursement of the service purchased .


Claims of a commercial nature or relating to the quality of services provided shall be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the company VEDETTES DU PONT NEUF, Square du Vert Galant 75001 Paris letter, within 10 days after the service was provided. Complaints will only be accepted if the difficulties which they are subject to have been reported onsite at VPN in order to allow the company to remedy and limit limit the damages for the Client.


8.1 Rights and Obligations of VPN

8.1.1 VPN undertakes to implement appropriate means to ensure a smooth cruise in accordance with the order and declares to have subscribed the necessary insurances for the exercise of its activities.

8.1.2 The cruises are subject to the rules applicable to inland navigation, VPN reserves the right to change, without notice or liability, cruises (especially regarding the route, timings …) or cancel at any time , including the day of departure , under the above rules or case including, without this list being limiting, force majeure, acts or terrorist threats, river flood, floods, bad weather, storms, instructions given by the administration, mechanical problems and in general of any event likely to endanger the safety of persons and property transported.

8.1.3 The cruise departure is provided from a minimum of 10 passengers and within the limits of the regulatory capacity of the boat, VPN reserves the right to deny boarding minor passenger under 16 years of age who are not accompanied by adults.

8.2 Rights and Obligations of Clients

8.2.1 No later than 15 minutes before the departure time of the boat, the Customer must report to the place of embarkation.

8.2.2 VPN reserves the right to deny boarding to passengers whose behavior (eg intoxicated) would be likely to disturb the smooth running of the cruise. There will also be allowed on board any animal or equipment that could be hazardous to personnel or passengers.

8.2.3 At the time when he is invited to board, each passenger must comply strictly with the instructions and safety instructions given by the ship’s personnel and will be required to ensure his own safety and that of people he would have custody and / or goods (clothing, luggage and other personal effects) that it would be owner, holder or custodian; each passenger shall in particular refrain from entering into unauthorized areas of the ship and in particular the location of the motor apparatus, and in the cockpit.

On the occasion of their order, people with disabilities are encouraged to check with VPN for accessibility on the boats and deadlines for boarding.


9.1 The cruises are subject to all rules applicable to inland navigation, VPN reserves the right to assess the navigability of the river and can in no way be held responsible for any alteration or cancellation of a cruise resulting from the application of the above rules and generally any event likely to endanger the safety of persons and property transported.

9.2 VPN will in no circumstances be held liable for damages of any kind such as force majeure, acts or terrorist threats, river flood, floods, storms, thunderstorms, technical incidents, a failure of one of its service providers and generally any other event of any kind whatsoever which is beyond the control of VPN.

9.3 VPN disclaims any responsibility in case of theft or damage to clothing, hand luggage and other personal belongings of passengers, but also sustain damage or injury in the event of non- compliance with the prohibitions and passenger security measures present on the boats. VPN also can not be held responsible for throwing objects and incivility from third party from the banks / bridges to the passengers on the upper deck or front deck. VPN reserves the right to charge the Customer for any damage caused to the boat and its equipment, by himself, and in general, by any person who is responsible for him ( affiliates , service that he would have chosen etc ….).

9.4 VPN disclaims any liability for any failure by the Customer of these terms and conditions, and general and special police regulations, without prejudice to any damages it may claim for damages he has suffered as a result of such failure.

9.5 VPN can not be held responsible in the process of selling online, its liability shall in no way be for damage resulting from the use of the Internet such as data loss, hacking, viruses, out of service or other issues not within its jurisdiction.


10.1 VPN company does not guarantee that the website “vedettesdupontneuf.com” will be free of defects, errors or bugs, or that the site will operate without interruption or failure, or that it is compatible with equipment or special requirements other than those approved by it.

10.2 VPN company is in no way responsible for failures due to third party software whether they are or are not included in the site or supplied with it.

10.3 In no event shall VPN company be liable from any kind of damage arising from the use or the total or partial inability to use the site.

10.4 The Client declares to know the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, in particular its technical performance, response times for consulting, querying or transferring data and risks to the security of communications.


VPN company holds all intellectual property rights relating to the site “vedettesdupontneuf.com” owned or held use rights thereto. All elements of the site “vedettesdupontneuf.com” are and remain the exclusive property of the company VPN. Nobody is allowed to reproduce, use, repost, or use for any purpose whatsoever, even partially, the elements of the site whether they are software, visual or sound. Access to the Site does not grant you any rights to the intellectual property rights relating to the site, which are the exclusive property of the company VPN. Any single link or hyperlink is strictly prohibited without the express written agreement of VPN.


In case of disagreement or dispute relating to the interpretation, performance, validity of these terms as well as cruises and related services, the French courts will be competent and only the French law applicable.

Terms of reservation
Internet booking

After confirming your payment, the transaction will be final and you will receive a confirmation email detailing your booking with a transaction number and a personalized QR Code.
Each transaction is secured using SSL (check a padlock appears in the status bar of your browser).

Withdrawal of your tickets

Present your digital or printed ticket at the cashier upon your arrival.
No refund or exchange will be made in case of impossibility of performance for reasons not controlled by VPN.
Payment by credit card will be made on the secure website of CIC using SSL where a padlock will appear in the status bar of your browser.
To be considered: It is very important to enter a valid email address to receive your booking confirmation.


Name: VPN
Headquarters: Square du Vert Galant – 75001 PARIS
Legal representative: Ghislain De Richecour
Web Host Information: EXOCA 40 place René Goblet 80000 Amiens

Pursuant to Article 27 of Law n° 78-17 Informatique et Liberté of 06/01/1978, we guarantee you the right to access, modify, and delete data concerning you. To exercise if you do not wish to be contacted, please send us an email at info@vedettesdupontneuf.com

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